VS Factory Replica Panerai Submersible PAM 1070 Gold Carbon Watch

By | 5th December 2023

Hello everyone, I’ve just returned from our brief New Year holiday, a journey that involved several hours on a train, and I’m still feeling a bit under the weather. Regarding the watch factories, some are reportedly accepting orders now, but the majority are still on holiday and won’t resume operations until February 6th. If you have urgent orders to place, it’s advisable to inform your dealers promptly. During the holiday, a backlog of orders has accumulated, and once the watch manufacturers are back to work, there will be a considerable processing time. Therefore, it’s a “first come, first served” situation.

Now, let me introduce the first replica watch, which is a golden Panerai from the Submersible collection. Unlike the usual 47mm size, this one is a bit smaller at 44mm, with a thickness of just 15mm. Manufactured by the VS factory, also known as SBF (SoBoring Factory), all new Panerai replica watches from this factory are now labeled under the new name SB. The reason for this name change is unclear, perhaps a strategic move to mitigate risks.

The Panerai model in question is the PAM 1070, presenting a unique rose gold appearance that differs from the typical rose gold tone on other watches. The case is golden, complemented by a forged carbon bezel, and it comes with a diver’s black rubber band. Additionally, VS provides an extra nylon band free of charge. The watch seems to incorporate the fusion concept reminiscent of Hublot, adding a distinctive touch to this Panerai PAM 1070.

VS factory’s Panerai replica watches have consistently delivered high quality, maintaining their dominance in the market. This is evident from the absence of other manufacturers entering this field. The brushed rose gold case, as well as the crown bridge, is meticulously crafted. However, the brushing on the crown bridge appears more prominent than on the case. The bezel, made from real forged carbon material, closely resembles the texture of the genuine article but still exhibits some disparity with the authentic carbon material.

The black dial features a sunken gray small-second subdial, creating a striking contrast with the black background. The sunburst finish on the dial is visible, though it may not match the delicacy of the genuine article. The central skeletonized hands and hour markers are coated with white luminescence. However, the gold on the edges of these elements appears more like yellow gold than rose gold.

The case back is solid, a design choice seen in all recent Panerai replica watches. It features symbols and an OP number, and I personally prefer the see-through crystal back. Notably, there’s a unique small OP logo engraving on one of the lugs. Inside the case, you’ll find a super clone P.900 movement, one of the earlier super clone P series movements from VS factory. These super clone movements from VS are known for their reliability, and Panerai watches equipped with them typically experience few or no movement issues. The style of this Panerai watch has me excited, reminiscent of the moment when I first laid eyes on the full forged carbon Panerai several years ago.

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