About us

Hi guys,

I’m Charisma, I’m an Internet worker and a big fan of luxury watches.

What is pondwatch.co.uk?
Before, I saw many friends making good suggestions for various luxury watches. I helped them make these suggestions. Now I want to take a bold step forward and create new challenges, new needs and new friends. .
I know that everyone really wants to own a luxury watch of their own, whether it is Rolex, Hublot, Tag Hurer or Omega, but due to the high price of these watches, most people cannot afford their prices. I will be sharing articles about replica watches on my blog site.
When it comes to replica watches, I see a lot of people making the wrong decisions every day and being misled too many times, so why not become part of the team, share some experiences, and give some advice to make it easier for everyone, A more enjoyable experience.
I want to spread the word about replica watches and make this blog site a better place to find and buy the pieces you want as we are faced with how many people can afford real luxury watches and their price tags .
I would like to conclude by saying that you are welcome to read my review and leave your comments, requests and experiences in the comments – I will get back to you all.