VS factory new DatejustVS factory new Datejust

By | 12th December 2023

It appears that there are limited options for super clones of ladies Rolex watches. While there are high-quality 36mm Datejust models available, this size may be too large for many women. The preference leans towards 31mm or 28mm sizes with diamond or mother-of-pearl (MOP) decorations. Although GS factory produces commendable 31mm Datejust models, they are not classified as super clones. Additionally, if diamonds are desired, they are not real, potentially affecting the perceived value of the watch.

VS factory does not offer lady Rolex watches, but they do provide 36mm Datejust options. However, for 31mm or 28mm Datejust models, choices are limited to GS and BP factory productions.

VS factory has introduced several new Datejust replica watches in 41mm and 36mm sizes, priced higher than those from other manufacturers like Clean, EW, and GM. The premium pricing is attributed to the use of a custom-made 3235 movement, acclaimed as the best clone in the market, featuring a purported 72-hour power reserve. Despite this claim, there is skepticism, as few clients have tested the power reserve of their Datejust watches.

The two new 41mm Datejust replica watches from VS offer a case diameter of 41mm and a thickness of 12mm. The dial color options include blue and green, with unique patterns that defy easy categorization. The quality of these Datejust replicas is considered very high, approaching super clone standards, but it’s not recommended as a first watch due to the lack of an improved edition from VS. Most replicas still have inherent flaws that require correction, and there seems to be a trend among manufacturers to prioritize new releases over refining existing models.

Despite advancements in replica watch quality, challenges persist, and there is a call for more stringent quality control and better after-sale service from watch manufacturers. Despite the availability of QC photos and videos before shipping, there remains a risk of receiving a defective watch due to factors like unstable movements or incorrect installation by the watchmaker. The hope is for continued improvement in the industry’s quality checks and customer service. The accompanying pictures showcase the two new Datejust models from VS.

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