Z Factory Replica Tudor Black Bay Pro GMT Watch – a homage of Rolex Ref.1655

By | 28th November 2023

Since the conclusion of our New Year holiday, numerous watch manufacturers, particularly Clean and VS, have unveiled new models, engaging in intense competition within the replica Rolex watch market. Clean recently introduced several new Daytona watches, while VS factory has showcased new Datejust models. Unfortunately, there has been a lack of positive updates from Z factory, with a recent grievance from one of my clients regarding the bracelet quality of the VC Overseas replica watch. Two clients raised concerns about the bracelet, prompting me to communicate these issues to my supplier in the hope of quality improvement in subsequent batches. Given the popularity of this replica VC Overseas watch, it is essential for Z Factory to enhance the product quality, especially considering the substantial cost to consumers.

The sole positive development from Z factory comes in the form of their announcement of a new Tudor replica watch over the weekend. While I appreciate the watch, it doesn’t resonate with me as much. Firstly, it embodies a vintage Tudor style but lacks distinctive features, resembling more of a homage to the Rolex Explorer 1655. Many inquiries about vintage Rolex replica watches suggest that enthusiasts prefer authentic replicas of vintage Rolex Explorer 1655 rather than Tudor’s homage. If Z factory were to produce a replica Explorer vintage Rolex 1655, it could potentially become one of the standout creations in 2023.

The new replica Tudor Black Bay features a genuine GMT function, indicated by the light yellow hand on the dial and the 24-hour bezel, adjustable with the crown. Four aspects contribute to its vintage charm: the brushed finish on the case and bracelet, luminescent hour markers without frames, the bracelet style, and the shield logo on the buckle. Crafted by Z factory, the watch showcases meticulous brushing on the case and bracelet, contrasting with the polished sides of the case. With a 39mm case diameter, it suits the wrists of most men.

The non-rotatable bezel exhibits 24-hour markers with engraved black filling, aligned with the corresponding hour markers on the dial. The yellow GMT hand against the black dial stands out, and the Super-Luminova on the hour markers and hands, while not as enduring as the genuine watch, emits a strong glow. Notably, the hour markers lack steel frames, a departure from the regular Tudor Black Bay design. A date window at 3 o’clock integrates a black date font against a background matching the color of the luminescent material used on hour markers.

The bracelet includes a 5-position T-fit quick adjust clasp, similar to the genuine version, allowing for an 8mm adjustment and facilitating easy use. Equipped with a clone ETA 2836 automatic movement, the replica lacks an additional band option from Z factory at present.

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