VS Factory DIW Rolex Submariner Forged Carbon Watch

By | 3rd January 2024

Ordering watches from the VS factory has become a routine, and the waiting period has significantly shortened, particularly for popular models like the Submariner and Datejust, which are now obtainable within a week. However, for Panerai and Omega Seamaster models from VS, a substantial waiting period is still required after placing an order. Despite the limited release of new models by VS since the beginning of 2022, there has been a recent unveiling of two Replica forged carbon Rolex Submariner watches.

While I’ve previously encountered forged carbon Rolex watches, the introduction of these models by VS caught my attention. It raises questions about why VS chose to invest time and resources in producing carbon Rolex watches rather than focusing on meeting the demand for their Panerai and Omega products. Given the ongoing demand for Panerai and Omega watches from VS, one might wonder if there is a potential shift in emphasis towards Rolex in their future releases.

Crafted from high-quality forged carbon material, both Rolex Submariner replica watches showcase a case, bezel, and case back all made with this lightweight material, ensuring that the watch remains notably lighter than its stainless steel counterpart. Beyond the material choice, the specifications of the watch align closely with those of the stainless steel Submariner 116610LV offered by VS.

With a case diameter reaching 40mm and a thickness of 12.5mm, this replica maintains dimensions that are nearly identical to the genuine watch. The texture of the forged carbon utilized in this watch stands out, exhibiting a superior quality compared to the carbon material seen on other replica watches. The grain of the carbon on this timepiece imparts a more authentic and realistic appearance.

The black dial is also crafted from carbon material. Positioned above the 6:00 marker is the distinctive “DiW” sign, indicating that the genuine Rolex is a DiW custom-made model. The inner bezel, or rehaut, features accurate engravings. To ensure proper alignment of the crown logo with the prominent triangle marker and the 60-minute white scale, it’s advisable to carefully select the timepiece from your dealer, as not every watch will have these elements perfectly aligned. This detail can be of significant concern to some individuals.

The dial is shielded by a sapphire crystal, which showcases a miniature crown logo at 6 o’clock. This detail can be observed in the accompanying images in this article.

Featuring a custom-made clone 3135 automatic movement from the VS factory, this timepiece stands out with one of the super clone 3135 movements widely utilized by Submariner replicas in the market. Additionally, it’s worth noting that the buckle on the black nylon band is also crafted from forged carbon, providing a cohesive and high-quality finish to the overall design.

Lastly, concerning the luminescence of the watch, it boasts a robust and enduring glow. The luminous light on both the bezel and dial is in a striking blue hue. Notably, the Rolex crown logo and three dots on the crown also emit luminosity, adding another distinctive touch to this timepiece.

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